Presenters 2015

Keynote Speakers

Wendy Korthuis-Smith, Director, Results Washington, Office of the Governor

Wendy Korthuis-Smith is the Director of Results Washington, in the office of Governor Jay Inslee. Results Washington is Washington state government’s data-driven performance management and continuous improvement system. Korthuis-Smith leads the state-wide transformation effort including 53 state government agencies, five goal councils, over 120,000 state government employees, and approximately seven million Washingtonians.  Prior to Results Washington, Korthuis-Smith was the Director of Accountability and Performance for Governor Christine Gregoire’s award winning Government Management Accountability and Performance (GMAP) program.  With extensive experience in change management, leadership development and performance improvement in the private and public arena, Korthuis-Smith has worked within multiple sectors such as healthcare, aerospace, government operations, and higher education.  During her past 25+ years, she has also held positions such as assistant professor at Chapman University’s graduate school, management consultant for Sterling Associates and Virginia Mason Medical Center, and project management leadership for multiple state government projects - including the development and successful implementation of Washington state’s $5 billion per year Medicaid management information and payment system.  Korthuis-Smith has a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in organizational development from Seattle University, as well as a M.S. and B.S from University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse.  

Jim Womack, Founder and Senior Advisor, Lean Enterprise Institute

Management expert James P. Womack, Ph.D., is the founder and senior advisor to the Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc., a nonprofit training, publishing, conference, and management research company chartered in August 1997 to advance a set of ideas known as lean production and lean thinking, based initially on Toyota’s business system and now being extended to an entire lean management system.

The intellectual basis for the Cambridge, MA-based Institute is described in a series of books and articles co-authored by Womack and Daniel Jones over the past 20 years. The most widely known books are: The Machine That Changed the World (Macmillan/Rawson Associates, 1990), Lean Thinking (Simon & Schuster, 1996), Lean Solutions (Simon & Schuster, 2005), and Seeing The Whole Value Stream (Lean Enterprise Institute, 2011). Articles include: "From Lean Production to the Lean Enterprise" (Harvard Business Review, March-April, 1994), "Beyond Toyota: How to Root Out Waste and Pursue Perfection" (Harvard Business Review, September-October, 1996), “Lean Consumption” (Harvard Business Review, March-April, 2005).

Womack received a B.A. in political science from the University of Chicago in 1970, a master's degree in transportation systems from Harvard in 1975, and a Ph.D. in political science from MIT in 1982 (for a dissertation on comparative industrial policy in the U.S., Germany, and Japan). During the period 1975-1991, he was a full-time research scientist at MIT directing a series of comparative studies of world manufacturing practices. As research director of MIT’s International Motor Vehicle Program, Womack led the research team that coined the term “lean production” to describe Toyota’s business system.

Womack served as the Institute's chairman and CEO from 1997 until 2010 when he was succeeded by John Shook.

Jamie Bonini, Vice President, Toyota Production System Support Center

James “Jamie” Bonini is vice president of TSSC at Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA), located near Cincinnati in Erlanger, Kentucky.  TEMA supports Toyota's engineering and manufacturing operations in North America.

TSSC is a not-for-profit corporation affiliated with TEMA which shares Toyota Production System (TPS) know-how with North American organizations that have a true desire to learn and adopt TPS; as a way to strengthen their production system.

Bonini began his career with Toyota in 2002, as assistant general manager for TSSC, responsible for planning and leading shop floor improvement activities. He later joined Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky’s powertrain group as assistant general manager responsible for V6 and four cylinder engines as well as axle production, quality and safety. 

From 2004-10, he served as general manager for TEMA’s supplier commodity engineering (SCE) division which leads new model projects and mass production supplier development projects in North America.  His duties included managing supplier parts for new model preparations as well as mass production models.

Prior to joining Toyota, Bonini worked at DaimlerChrysler where he held a variety of roles including the company’s cost management group and new model projects at three assembly plants in North America.  He also held key positions with Tritec Motors and the Pilette Road Truck Assembly Plant in Windsor, Ontario.

He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University (1985), a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley (1987) and two Master of Science degrees in management and material science engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1992).


Breakout Session Presenters


Scott McAllister, Vice President of Business Development, Prosci

Scott McAllister is a results-driven leader with a passion for change management.  Scott leads Prosci’s growth efforts by partnering with clients to architect outcome-oriented change management solutions, and spent the last 15 years helping clients initiate transformational change through a combination of strategy, operational excellence and innovation platforms. He has worked across a broad range of industries, ranging from healthcare and biotech, to financial services and telecom, and has to date delivered services for more than 80 clients in over 28 countries.

John O'Donnell, Executive Director, Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.

John O’Donnell joined the Lean Enterprise Institute in November 2007 to serve as the first Executive Director of the Lean Global Network.  From July 2010 to June 2014 John served as the interim Chief Operating Officer at LEI.  During that period he oversaw operations and was actively involved in defining LEI’s research mission. 

In July 2014 John took responsibility to understand opportunities and develop strategies to accelerate lean thinking and practice in public service sectors – government, universities, nonprofits, and social service organizations. 

John joined LEI after 30 years of service with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA).  Within RITA, John ran a fee-for-service organization leading a staff of 160 transportation professionals overseeing a $50 million research portfolio. 

John holds degrees in Economics and Management from Boston College and was a member of the federal government’s Senior Executive Service

Scott Heydon, Senior Coach, Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.

Scott Heydon is a proven C-level leader with a passion for developing people and helping companies transform through thoughtful strategy and continuous improvement. Results achieved by developing and communicating compelling vision and strategies that inspires others to act towards a common goal. Extensive experience in supporting Fortune 500 companies in their strategy development, alignment, and execution. Deep experience in driving Lean transformations, helping Starbucks and other companies develop their team members’ capabilities to achieve game-changing improvements in quality, profit, customer satisfaction and team member engagement. 

Robert Brown, President, Collective Wisdom, Inc.

Bob Brown has a doctorate in psychology, is a certified Lean Leader, is the author of sixteen books and has two recent books on Lean Thinking, The People Side of Lean Thinking and the Dark Matter and Dark Energy of Lean Thinking. As the president of Collective Wisdom, Inc.  he gives keynotes, conducts workshops and writes. Most recently he published To Touch and Be Touched, a memoir about his search for the meaning of life.  The motto of Collective Wisdom (and Bob’s) is, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Donald Dinero, Principle, TWI Learning Partnership

Donald A. Dinero, PE, CPIM is the Principal of TWI Learning Partnership in NY, which is devoted solely to implementing TWI into companies with the objective that they gain the intended benefits.  His clients include IBM, Toyoda Gosei Corporation, the Irish Centre for Business Excellence, Johnson and Johnson, among many others.  He has over forty years experience in manufacturing in positions in management and engineering.  His book Training Within Industry: The Foundation of Lean, published by Productivity Press, 2005 won a Shingo Prize for Research in 2006.  His book TWI Case Studies – Standard Work, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork was published in April 2011.

Hollie Jensen, Enterprise Lean Consultant, Results Washington

As part of her role with the State of Washington, Hollie Jensen is developing and implementing a Lean Fellowship and Leadership program while also consulting on the governor’s priority goal areas. She joined state government in the spring of 2013 as an enterprise lean consultant after her 17-year tenure with Starbucks, where she began as a barista on the front line and worked her way up through the organization with roles in human resources, global strategy and operations. Most recently she was a lean practice strategy manager with a focus on implementing the store system of work and the leadership/coaching program. Jensen  holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. 

Chris Liu, Director, Department of Enterprise Services

Chris Liu directs Enterprise Services and aims to live the principles of Lean every day. Chris gave up his office and works with his laptop and cell phone in open cubicles embedded with various teams throughout the headquarters building, where he connects with teams and learns about their work. Prior to DES, he led the Washington State Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises, directed retail services for the state Liquor Control Board and headed up Washington’s Lottery, all following a 30-year career in corporate executive positions. Chris earned a bachelor’s of science in business marketing from the University of Hawaii, his native state. He is a Navy veteran, holds a private pilot's certificate and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.

Renee Smith Nyberg, Director of Lean Transformation Services, Department of Enterprise Services

Renée Smith Nyberg directs Lean Transformation Services, a team charged with building Lean culture throughout state government by providing facilitation, consulting, training and coaching services. She has thirteen years of experience leading Lean continuous process improvement, organizational change, strategic planning, and culture change projects for numerous organizations, community groups, and boards. Renee holds a Master of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University and a BA in Organizational Behavior from Seattle Pacific University. Renee is married and has four children ages 19 to 27 and two grandchildren. She lives in Tacoma where she enjoys running half marathons, entertaining and travel.

Jeff Watson, Strategic Advisor, Seattle City Light

Jeff Watson has been working at Seattle City Light as a Strategic Advisor in the Business Process Redesign Group since December 2014.  Jeff has over 15 years of experience implementing Lean in several industries either as an external consultant or internal employee. 

John Bernard, Founder, Mass Ingenuity

John Bernard and the team at Mass Ingenuity currently consults with governors and state government leaders on the transformation to lean/results-driven government. Bernard has authored two books on designing state-of-the-art management systems, the best-selling Business at the Speed of Now (Wiley, 2012) and Government That Works, The Results Revolution in the States (Results America, 2015). In 1980 Bernard began studying, writing about and implementing the concepts of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Toyota. One of the pioneers who introduced Lean thinking to American business, he founded and serves as Chairman of Mass Ingenuity, a Portland, Oregon based consulting firm that focuses on helping state government become more efficient and effective.

Maria Carney, Senior Program Manager, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Maria Carney is a Senior Program Manager on the team responsible for the design, implementation, and continuous improvement of the Gates Foundation’s core business process – making and managing investments. Leading to her current role, Maria held other roles in operations management and contracts management at the Gates Foundation. Prior to joining the foundation, Maria practiced international environmental law for eight years. Maria earned her Six Sigma Green Belt in 2014, and is enjoying the application and development of this new skill set!

Jessica Sherry, Senior Business Analyst, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Jessica Sherry is a Senior Business Analyst on the team responsible for the design, implementation, and continuous improvement of the Gates Foundation’s core business process – making and managing investments. Previously, she held roles in process improvement and workplace strategy consulting at Jones Lang LaSalle and DEGW (acquired by AECOM). Jessica received a B.S. from Cornell University in Design and Environmental Analysis. She earned her Six Sigma Green Belt in 2011 and is currently a candidate for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt through the University of Michigan. She has leveraged lean process improvement methodologies for corporations and not-for-profit organizations.

Alec Steel, Head of Operations and Process Management Practices, United Kingdom National Audit Office

Alec works for the UK National Audit Office (NAO). He heads the operations and process management practice, focusing on how government applies principles such as lean thinking to improve whole system performance. In 2010 he published the first assessment of operations and process management maturity across UK central government, identifying common problems and evidencing the need for an effective management system to achieve sustained improvement and business benefits. Prior to joining the NAO Alec was responsible for implementing operational change in government organizations. He advises a major UK charity and is a guest lecturer in continuous improvement at Buckingham University.

Kevin Summersgill, Audit Manager–United Nations and Process Management, United Kingdom National Audit Office

Kevin is currently based in New York and leads the UK National Audit Office’s (NAO) performance audit program with the United Nations, routinely applying management system thinking to multi-organization problems. He joined the NAO from the private sector, where he worked in textile engineering and the education sector. He has authored reports for UK Parliament including reviews of government department’s continuous improvement programs and an assessment of the maturity of process management in central government. Outside of the NAO, Kevin advises the board of a major UK charity and holds an MSc in Economics.

Terri Egan, Co-Founder, SyncUp Leadership Group

Terri Egan, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Applied Behavioral Science at Pepperdine University and former Director of Pepperdine’s Masters of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) program. Terri has taught graduate and executive courses in personal development, leadership, team effectiveness, organizational change and development, creativity and innovation and international organization development. Her award winning research has been published in a number of  top journals. Terri’s research and practice focuses on integrating neuroscience discoveries into organization and leadership development theory and practice. She is cofounder of the SyncUp Leadership Group (

Suzanne Lahl, Co-Founder, SyncUp Leadership Group

Suzanne Lahl, MSOD (Master of Science in Organization Development, Graziadio School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University, CA) is a specialist in strategic thinking, leadership and organization development. Suzanne applies neuroscience discoveries to her international coaching and leadership development practice. Suzanne and Terri Egan have created an evidence-based cutting edge model for developing leader mindsets to meet the challenges of a fast-moving and complex world. Their model includes four capabilities: Dynamic Attention, Whole Person Integration, Strategic Clarity and Authentic Collaboration. Suzanne serves as adjunct faculty in the MSOD program and is cofounder of the SyncUp Leadership Group (

Michael DeAngelo, Deputy Director, WaTech

Michael DeAngelo is the Deputy Director of Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) in charge of e-gov which is charged with transforming government through culture and technology.  Michael is passionate about transforming government by introducing new practices and technology as a way to solve complex business problems very differently.  Over the past few years Michael has led the state into area like cloud computing, agile practices, Technology Business Management, self-organization, and new workplace strategies to solve some long standing and emerging business problems.

Charley Haley, Innovation Strategist, Back Loop Consulting

Charley works with organizations and teams developing adaptive innovation practices that unleash employee engagement and activate deep customer satisfaction. She weaves together Lean Thinking, Human Centered Design, Service Design, and Liberating Structures to scale collaboration up and across organizational boundaries. Charley combines 10 years of strategic innovation consulting and leadership coaching with 15 years leading innovative R&D project teams for NASA.

Sage Vann, Innovation Strategist, Back Loop Consulting

Sage uses his expertise in software technology and user focused design to bring ideas to life. Influenced strongly by the Lean Startup, Human Centered Design, and Agile methodologies Sage is a well rounded software technology veteran with experience in designing and building applications that strongly impact users.

Tracy O'Rourke, Managing Partner, Integris Performance Advisors

Integris is a firm with a vision to expand the existence of healthy organizations and help build great places to work. Tracy advises companies and spearheads implementation on many aspects of cultural change, leadership development, customer experience, strategic alignment, and Lean process improvement for over 15 years. Tracy is an instructor at San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego in process improvement. Integris has helped many government organizations at the city, county and state level in Washington.

Gwen Voelpel, Assistant City Manager, City of SeaTac

One of Gwen’s responsibilities is to spearhead the City’s first comprehensive strategic planning, performance management and process improvement effort based on Lean Six Sigma principles. SeaTac’s “Align and Improve” effort began in 2013 and has resulted in improved staff alignment with an overarching set of values and goals, a more data-driven process using dashboards for decision making, and revised processes to better serve both internal and external customers. Born and raised in Washington, Gwen worked for seven years for the Washington State Department of Revenue before starting in local government in 1996. Her municipal experience includes 11 years for the City of Tacoma, two years for the City of Black Diamond and three years with the City of Snoqualmie before joining SeaTac in 2012. She serves on the Washington City-County Management Association and Emerging Local Government Leaders Washington Advisory boards

Chris Lindstrom, Managing Partner, Ceptara Corporation

Chris Lindstrom is the founder and Managing Partner at Ceptara Corporation, a company dedicated to helping organizations drive performance excellence.  Chris has over 20 years of management consulting experience with technology companies such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Lucent and Microsoft.  His experience includes: product design and manufacture, supply chain optimization, software design, development and delivery, consumer service cost reduction and cycle time improvement, and e-business management.  Prior to founding Ceptara, Chris held several executive positions for AT&T including Vice President Service Activation, Vice President Installation and Maintenance, and Director of Quality. In addition to his AT&T experience, he provided leadership, management and engineering expertise for companies including Infospace, Motricity, Microsoft, Lucent and NCR Corp.

Chris is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and senior member of ASQ. He has a Master’s of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of South Carolina with an emphasis in neural networks and artificial intelligence. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska

Jitinder Kohli, Director of Government Performance, Deliotte

Jitinder Kohli is a globally recognized specialist on government reform. He is a director in Deloitte Consulting’s public sector practice where he leads work on government performance. Prior to joining Deloitte in summer 2012, he led the Doing What Works project at the Center for American Progress focused on ways to improve the efficacy and effectiveness of the federal government. He has written widely on how data can be used to improve the effectiveness of government programs as well as ways to promote innovation across the public sector. He regularly speaks at public events in the U.S. and abroad on these subjects. His recommendations form the basis of the new GPRA Modernization Act and his work on Social Impact Bonds helped the concept to take root in the United States. He has advised numerous agencies in the U.S. and internationally on government performance, and budgeting reform as well as regulatory reform and economic growth. Prior to arriving in the U.S. in 2009, Mr. Kohli worked as a senior officer in a range of agencies in the British government. Highlights include his time as chief executive of Better Regulation Executive leading regulatory reform in the UK, serving as head of the Productivity and Structural Reform team at the British Treasury, which was responsible for increasing national competitiveness, and as director for Active Communities, leading the British government’s relationship with the nonprofit sector. Mr. Kohli is a fellow of National Academy of Public Administration and the Young Foundation and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress

Diane Miller, Vice President, Virginia Mason Medical Center

Diane Miller is the Executive Director of the Virginia Mason Institute. Her responsibilities include the design and delivery of education and training services in the Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS) for healthcare providers and organizations. She also oversees the Center for Health Care Solutions, an innovation unit working to create a new model of healthcare delivery based on VMPS principles. Diane maintains the Virginia Mason Production System Certification and has extensive training in applying the Toyota Production System to healthcare including a study mission to Japan to the Shingijutsu Genba Kaizen. She has led many Rapid Process Improvement Workshops and has developed healthcare curriculum for the training of leaders and staff. Diane is a frequent speaker on the application of the Toyota Production System to healthcare, the Virginia Mason Production System and leading cultural change.

Dean Schroeder, Professor of Management, Valparaiso University

Dean M. Schroeder is an award-winning author, consultant & scholar whose work helping organizations improve management outcomes continues to garner praise. His best-selling book, Ideas Are Free, co-authored by Alan Robinson, was voted the Reader’s Choice by Fast Company magazine and selected as one of the 30 best business books of the year by Soundview Executive Books. Dean and Alan’s latest book, The Idea-Driven Organization, was recently names as the featured book on leadership for the week by the Washington Post online.” As a consultant & speaker, Dr. Schroeder has worked with many types of companies & organizations around the world.

Marcie Frost, Director, Department of Retirement Services

Governor Jay Inslee appointed Marci Frost as director of the state Department of Retirement Systems in January 2013. She also serves as an ex officio member of the Washington State Investment Board (and is currently the WSIB Chair), the Pension Funding Council and the Select Committee on Pension Policy.

As DRS Director, Frost leads an organization of more than 200 team members who administer one of the most complex public retirement systems in the country. DRS serves nearly 700,000 current and former public employees at both the state and local government levels. Retirement benefits earned by these employees result in more than $3.5 billion in payments each year, most of which is distributed in the state of Washington.

Frost’s career has spanned three primary professions: public pension administration, human resources, and information technology. In all three areas, she has held executive-level roles where she brought a high degree of results orientation through effective teaming and collaboration.
Frost began her career with the state Department of Labor and Industries, where she advanced to a leadership role in benefits administration. In 2000, she was selected as a senior project administrator at DRS, and has since held a variety of leadership positions, including human resource director, chief information officer, senior assistant director for operations, and, most recently, deputy director.

As DRS Director, Frost continues to lead a comprehensive program of organizational and cultural change to strengthen agency performance, with emphasis on customer satisfaction, team member engagement, application of Lean principles, process mapping, and workflow improvements.

Rick Garza, Director, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

Rick Garza has been with the Liquor Cannabis Board since 1997. During Rick’s career with WSLCB he has also held the positions of Legislative and Tribal Liaison, Policy Director and Deputy Director. Prior to joining the Liquor and Cannabis Board, Rick served 13 years as a staff member for the Washington State Legislature, including five years with the Washington State Senate and eight years with the state House. His legislative assignments included Policy Analyst in the state Senate, House of Representatives Staff Director, and adviser to House and Senate leadership.

Pat Kohler, Director, Department of Licensing

Pat Kohler, Director of the Washington State Department of Licensing, was appointed by Governor Jay Inslee, June 1, 2013.  She is charged with overseeing the licensing and regulation of drivers, vehicles and vessels registration, and the management of over 44 professional and business licensing programs. In addition, she ensures the fair and efficient collection of over $2.8 billion in gross state revenue annually. With over 30 years of progressive professional experience and documented success in Washington state government, Pat most recently served as the Director of the Washington State Liquor Control Board overseeing the daily operations and the regulatory and enforcement functions for more than 17,000 liquor licenses. In 2012 she oversaw the privatization of liquor (Initiative 1183) in the State of Washington and the implementation of the new regulatory system for Cannabis. Pat is a graduate of Central Washington University with a B.S. in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant. She achieved Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from the University of Washington in July 2012.

Joel Sacks, Director, Department of Labor and Industries

Joel Sacks is the director of the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I). Between 2004 and 2011, Joel worked at the state Employment Security Department serving as deputy commissioner and assistant commissioner for the Budget, Policy and Communications Division. Prior to joining Employment Security, he was deputy director of Field Services at L&I. He also served four years at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the U.S. Department of Labor.

Joel holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Haverford College and a master’s degree in public administration from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Public Affairs.

Kelly Johnston, Senior Consultant, Mass Ingenuity

Kelly brings 13 years as a strong organizational development background including extensive experience coaching senior leadership teams on performance management as well as individual development needs. At Mass Ingenuity Kelly leads senior leadership teams in the customized development of their agency’s management system including setting goals, identifying processes, and developing organizational performance measures.  She has worked with several Washington State agencies, including Department of Licensing, Commerce, Lottery, and the Health Care Authority.

Prior to working with Mass Ingenuity, Kelly served as an internal change consultant with local government agencies. She has led large-scale organizational transformation initiatives and worked closely with teams to optimize their performance. She knows first-hand the challenges and rewards of being a public servant, and is passionate about the power of good government to make a difference in the lives of people.

Tom Moore, Regional Vice President Professional Services, Mass Ingenuity

Tom serves as Regional Vice President at Mass Ingenuity LLC.  Tom brings 20 years of Lean experience to his work. By combining his technical skills and ability to build strong relationships with his clients, Tom is able to transform the way his clients do business.  He has worked with several of Mass Ingenuity’s clients including Washington Department of Retirement Systems, Oregon Department of Human Services, the Oregon Health Authority, and currently the Washington State Health Care Authority.  Prior to joining Mass Ingenuity, Tom was a leader at StanCorp Financial Group where he led large scale transformation and organizational development initiatives.

Tom has extensive background leading and coaching organizations with leadership, change management and Lean methods.  He has demonstrated a passion to support new levels of performance in organizations with a focus on unleashing the potential of people.

Susan Lucas, Chief Operating Officer, Washington Health Care Authority

Susan Lucas is the Chief Operating Officer for the Health Care Authority.  Susan has been in Washington state service for over twenty-five years.  Susan received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington and her Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Evergreen State College.  She began her career in accounting and auditing.  Susan has been employed by several agencies including the Washington State Senate, the Office of Financial Management, Department of Corrections, Department of Social and Health Services and other agencies. 

Haneef Chagani, Partner, National Lean Practice Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Haneef Chagani leads PricewaterhouseCooper’s Lean practice in Canada. He specializes in assisting clients to develop efficient and effective organizations through large-scale organizational transformation programs.  Haneef has led or been involved in enterprise Lean deployment projects with Fortune 500 and public sector organizations globally. He has been involved extensively in the Lean journeys of three provincial governments and several public sector organizations in Canada.  Haneef has trained and coached thousands of Lean practitioners and senior executives in Lean techniques.  Haneef holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Manchester.

Shelley Whitehead, Head of Lean Initiative, Government of Saskatchewan

Shelley Whitehead is a Strategy Advisor with the Government of Saskatchewan, Canada.  She provides advice, support and oversight for enterprise projects including Lean implementation across government and its major third parties, and Public Service Renewal.  Shelley has more than thirty years of experience in public sector management and has served in a variety of senior capacities including Assistant Deputy Minister, Social Services and Executive Director, Post-Secondary Education and Skills Training.  She holds a MSW and BA from the University of Regina, and a BSW from the University of Calgary.

Cyndee Baugh, Lean Program Manager, Department of Licensing

Cyndee Baugh has been a proud public servant for more than 20 years. She has been with DOL as their Lean Program Manager for the last 2 years. Prior to joining the DOL team, she served as the Strategic Planning and Performance Manager at the Department of Commerce where she was responsible for integrating Lean in to the culture, Strategic Plan development and implementation and performance management. Her other state service includes positions at the Department of Revenue, Department of Veterans Affairs and the Office of Financial Management.

Sherry Dennis, Workshop Leader - Kaizen Promotion Office, Department of Social and Health Services Everett

Sherry Dennis is a Financial Services Specialist 3 at the Everett Community Services Office and the DSHS Economic Services Administration Community Services Division.

Jim Pendowski, Enterprise Lean Consultant, Department of Ecology

Jim has been at the Department of Ecology (Ecology) for 24 years.  He has managed the Toxics Cleanup Program since 1998.  His current responsibilities include administering the state’s clean up law (the Model Toxics Control Act) and Underground Storage Tank Program.  He has also managed Ecology’s Solid Waste Program. 

Prior to coming to Washington, Jim worked at both the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Illinois Department of Transportation.  He has also managed permitting water quality, solid waste and transportation projects at the local level in both Illinois and Arkansas. 

Jim received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin.  He also has a Masters Degree from the College of Architecture and Design from Kansas State University. He was named Distinguished Alumni Fellow for the College of Architecture and Design in 2010.

Pamela Singleton, Director of Policy, Office of Financial Management

Pamela Singleton has been with the Office of Financial Management (OFM) for two years and a total of five years in state service. Prior to working in public sector, she worked as a Manager of Business Process Improvement for a steamship line, MOL America, Inc. She has a background in International Business and Japan Studies

Norm Alberg, Division Director RALS, King County

Norm Alberg has a 30 year career in leading a variety of technical and engineering organizations, and over 17 years of executive leadership experience in both the public and private sectors.  Norm has worked with King County for five years, the last three leading the RALS division. Prior to King County, Norm worked at Starbucks, has also worked as a Management Consultant, as well as worked for Washington State, Seattle City Light and the City of Seattle.

Evans Kerrigan, Managing Partner, Integris Performance Advisors

Evans has been assisting organizations improve their performance for 25 years. He is proud to pursue Integris vision of “Expanding the existence of Healthy Organizations and Great Places to Work.” He helps organizations pursue an intentional culture, enterprise alignment, continuous improvement and a strong customer focus. Evans is well versed in working with all levels of organizations and has had the pleasure of working with several government groups in Washington State.

Fred Jarrett, Deputy County Executive, King County

Fred Jarrett oversees and directs the work of the Executive Branch, including its departments, operations, and policy development. He is head of the Executive Leadership Team and leads the Executive’s Reform Agenda, creating a single management system focused on improved performance and transparency for citizens and stakeholders. Previously a state senator, Jarrett served four terms in the state House of Representatives, after stints as Mercer Island Mayor and as a city council and school board member. Jarrett has also had a 35-year career at The Boeing Company.

Colleen McAleer, President, Washington Business Alliance

Colleen currently serves as a Port Commissioner at the Port of Port Angeles and was previously the Port’s Director of Business Development. She has a proven track record as a very successful business owner in a rural community. She is a decorated combat veteran who served 10 years in the US Army as a helicopter and fixed wing pilot and as a military intelligence officer.

As a Port employee and as Commissioner, Colleen spearheaded collaborative efforts in carbon fiber composite technologies with state and community partners. These efforts evolved into the Composite Technology Recycling Center. That program has been awarded tens of millions in federal, state, county, port and private funding. Senator Cantwell asked her to testify to the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in June 2015 about the effort and it’s extensive economic, educational and environmental impacts to the community and the state.

Colleen is the Port of Port Angeles’ first female Port Commissioner in the Port’s 91-year history.

David Padrino, Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Hickenlooper, State of Colorado

David Padrino joined the Hickenlooper administration in September 2014 and is the State’s Chief Performance Officer (CPO). As CPO, David’s mission is to help the administration define, measure and achieve its goals. He also works with the Cabinet to build a customer focused culture of operational excellence across government services. Before joining the administration, David spent seven years with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), advising private and public sector organizations on topics such as strategy, operations, talent management and organizational transformation. As part of BCG’s global leadership development program, David spent a year in Australia advising government leaders. Prior to BCG, David worked in Mayor Bloomberg’s administration in New York City. He developed workforce policy and programs at the New York City Department of Small Business Services, and led the development of the first strategic plan for the City’s Workforce Investment Board. He also worked at the New York City Economic Development Corporation, focusing on neighborhood development. David joined city government after completing a Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs.

David received an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a Mitchell Fellow and a Morgenthau public service award winner. David graduated with honors from Vassar College, where he was awarded a Kautz Fellowship for academic achievement and leadership, and participated in varsity basketball. David and his wife live in Denver. They have 1.5 year old daughter named Isla who will become a big sister in December. While not chasing Isla around, David and Lindsey like to travel, backpack, and barbeque.

Brett Cooper, Managing Partner and Member of the WA Lean Expert Partnership Program, Integris Performance Advisors

Brett Cooper has been a member of the WA State Lean Expert Partnership Program since 2012. In that time he has been an advisor to a large number of agencies at the state, county and city levels, with his guidance focused largely on how to cultivate a Lean Culture intentionally. A passionate advocate for creating more healthy workplaces, Brett dedicates a large percentage of his time and energy to studying the impact of great leadership and effective teamwork, and to sharing what he learns with a wide variety of organizational leaders.

Brett is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Integris Performance Advisors, a performance-optimization consulting and training firm; a volunteer coordinator for East Bay Stand Down, a nonprofit serving homeless Veterans throughout the San Francisco Bay Area; and a board member for Partners in Sustainable Learning, a nonprofit bringing early childhood education to communities in the developing world.

Elizabeth Alley, Anesthesiologish and Medical Director, Virginia Mason Medical Center

Elizabeth Alley MD is an Anesthesiologist and Medical Director of Virginia Mason Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center at Federal Way.  Her travels to Japan to observe the Toyota Production System have fueled her desire to be a lean leader.  She is currently exploring how empathy within learning organizations drives innovation.  She is Lean Certified and recently completed the Kaizen Fellowship. 

Shelly Randazzo, Nurse Manager, Virginia Mason Medical Center

Shelly Randazzo is a nurse manager for the Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center at Virginia Mason Federal Way Regional Medical Center.  Shelly has completed lean training “VMPS for Leaders” within Virginia Mason.  She has implemented the principles of Transformational Leadership in her tenure as leader of the surgery center.  Shelly’s leadership strategy aligns lean principles with transformational leadership elements to improve patient care provided in the surgery center.

Samuel Obara, Managing Partner, Honsha.ORG

Sammy learned while implementing Lean at Toyota facilities in Japan, Brazil, Venezuela, and in the United States. He has taught Lean to a multitude of consulting firms, educational organizations such as Harvard and Stanford, and humanitarian missions thru Asia and Africa. With over 30 years of Lean experience, he has helped more than 400 companies. These include TPS projects in environments ranging from schools, to hospitals, to military and many others and in 35 countries. Mastered in Technology Management, he also is a faculty member with the Lean Enterprise Institute and San Diego State University. He is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and English.  He currently aids companies implementing lean through Honsha.ORG.

Dean Schroeder, PhD, Valparaiso University

Dean M. Schroeder is an award-winning author, consultant & scholar whose work helping organizations improve management outcomes continues to garner praise. His best-selling book, Ideas Are Free, co-authored by Alan Robinson, was voted the Reader’s Choice by Fast Company magazine and selected as one of the 30 best business books of the year by Soundview Executive Books. Dean and Alan’s latest book, The Idea-Driven Organization, was recently names as the featured book on leadership for the week by the Washington Post online. As a consultant & speaker, Dr. Schroeder has worked with many types of companies & organizations around the world.

Cheryl Hammond, Technical Strategist, Northwest Cadence

Cheryl Hammond, a.k.a. bsktcase, has more than 16 years' experience as a software developer in the private and public sectors. She led her team's successful adoption of Scrum-ban for a mission-critical regulatory compliance project under multi-agency state and federal government oversight, and mentored former COBOL devs into true-believing unit-testing XP evangelists, all of which leads her to believe that anything is possible. Cheryl is a Technical Strategist at Northwest Cadence, using Lean principles and agile practices to improve her clients’ working lives and strengthen their organizations.

Arun Kumar, CEO, Kerika

Arun Kumar is the founder and CEO of Kerika.  Prior to founding Kerika, Arun was the Director of Program Management for Onvia, a consultant at Microsoft, a member of the board at Polopoly in Stockholm, a co-founder of the Jiway companies in London and Stockholm, and an E-Business Strategist for Morgan Stanley’s investment banking and trading businesses in the New York, London and Tokyo.

Earlier in his career, Arun managed complex software development projects, build new products, and provided strategic consulting to companies in the U.S., Germany, Argentina, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

Arun was educated at the Indian Institute of Technology and Washington State University, and has been awarded two patents for inventing visual collaboration techniques.  He has presented at conferences in over 9 countries.

Jenny Davidson, Patient and Family Centered Care Specialist, Seattle Children's Hospital

Jenny Davidson is a Family Centered Care Specialist with 14 years experience in outpatient and inpatient psychiatry, including working with families in a clinical capacity and serving as chair of the Psychiatry Family Advisory Board.

Kelly Fisher, CPI Project Manager, Seattle Children's Hospital

Kelly Fisher is a CPI consultant within the department of Psychiatry and has 11 years of CPI experience at Seattle Children’s and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Stephanie Daclison, Lean Consultant, The Everett Clinic

Stephanie began her lean journey in 2005 with Seattle Children’s Hospital as a lean consultant.   After 10 years in Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI)  at Seattle Children’s, she began working with The Everett Clinic where she continues to coach and consultant on key strategic initiatives. 

Sam Bracken, CEO, FranklinCovey

Sam Bracken, who chronicles his story in My Orange Duffel Bag: A Journey to Radical Change, was homeless at age 15. Sam managed to graduate #11 out of 700 students from his Las Vegas high school and landed a full-ride football scholarship to The Georgia Institute of Technology. The title of his graphic mini-memoir self-help book comes from the fact that when he came to Georgia Tech in Atlanta, everything he owned fit in an orange duffel bag.

Sam was a Brian Piccolo award nominee for overcoming potentially career-ending injuries to re-earn a starting position on one of Georgia Tech’s most successful football teams in history, under Coach Bill Curry. He also earned a spot on the All ACC Academic team for two years running. Sam graduated in 1986 from The Georgia Institute of Technology with honors and a degree in Industrial Management.  In 1993 Sam received an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management.

He and his wife Kim live in Kaysville, UT, and have four children, Beau, Ben, Jacob and Hannah.

Over the past 10 years Sam has been a senior consultant, the global director of marketing, and the global director of media publishing for FranklinCovey, the world's leading training and leadership organization with services in more than 145 countries. Sam currently serves as a managing partner on Government Services Team and oversees the sales and business operations in Law Enforcement, Corrections and Public Safety. 

A member of the National Speakers Association, Sam frequently speaks about how to implement radical change and serves as the national spokesperson and was co-founder for the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit that does life plan coaching and training for at-risk youth ages 12-24 – especially focusing on youth aging out of foster care and homeless teens. It is one of the only organizations in the nation that offers professional level coaching to at-risk youth.

My Orange Duffel Bag won 9 national and international awards last year. Crown Archetype, part of Random House, purchased the worldwide rights to the self-published book, which was launched nationwide in June of 2012.

In 2013 Sam launched his second book UNWIND 7 principles for a stress free life.  This book has been a #1 best seller on 

Jim Benson, CEO, Modus Cooperandi

Jim Benson began his career as an urban planner, working in or with government agencies in over 40 states, Canada, and Europe. He has since owned a software company that worked directly with government agencies to help better manage sticky problems. (Ask him...boy does he have STORIES!) Working in project management for large government and software projects led him to develop Personal Kanban which started a personal journey in finding the easiest, least-painful ways to give us all the flexibility necessary to do difficult and important work. He and his co-author Tonianne DeMaria Barry won a Shingo Award for their book Personal Kanban. They have had the good fortune to work with companies and government agencies of all sizes on six continents.

Nathan Navarro, Continuous Productivity Improvement Program Manager, Boeing and Founder, Navarro Learning Institute, LLC

Nathan Navarro teaches Value Stream Mapping, Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt courses for The University of Washington, Tacoma. Nathan also works for The Boeing Company as a program manager and has over 15 years of practical hands-on experience in initiating and implementing successful process improvements for government, manufacturing, retail, service and medical organizations. He earned his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification through UW Tacoma and his MBA through the University of Phoenix, Western Washington Ground Campus. He is considered a senior specialist and process improvement consultant to executive leaders, managers, customers, employees, and work teams.

David Mort, Assistant Director of Behavioral Science, Hawes Financial Group

David Mort is the Director of Kaizen, Coaching and Education for Hawes Financial Group; a six affiliate financial service organization providing services to assist organizations increase their revenue and bad-debt recovery. He leads the Lean Transformation at Hawes Financial Group and is also a certified Allenbaugh Coach. His leadership experience includes both the non-profit as well and private sector which gives him a unique perspective on resource management and performance training. David’s passion is helping others become great leaders and managers.

EA Weymuller, Director of Client Engagement, LiveStories

EA Weymuller is Director of Client Engagement at LiveStories. Having been an early team member of many Northwest based technical companies over the past fifteen years, EA has played an integral role in building strong, long-lasting client relationships and partnerships across multiple industries.

Anders Maul, Marketing Manager, LiveStories

Anders Maul is the Marketing Manager at where he helps spread the love of data. He has a background in business intelligence and has spent 5+ years analyzing, visualizing, and presenting data to executive management teams in small and large companies across Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

Mike De Luca, Principal, The Athena Group

Paul and Mike are members of The Athena Group, a cooperative of forward-thinking practitioners who help community leaders, managers, and decision-makers build personal mastery, create learning organizations, and enable cross-sector collaborations. We help our public, private, and non-profit clients build thriving, effective organizations and happier, healthier, and safer communities. Paul’s focus is leadership and strategy coaching, community development and organizational change. Mike works with organizations to evolve strategy and achieve outcomes by improving processes and developing the teams that support them.

Paul Horton, Partner, The Athena Group

Paul and Mike are members of The Athena Group, a cooperative of forward-thinking practitioners who help community leaders, managers, and decision-makers build personal mastery, create learning organizations, and enable cross-sector collaborations. We help our public, private, and non-profit clients build thriving, effective organizations and happier, healthier, and safer communities. Paul’s focus is leadership and strategy coaching, community development and organizational change. Mike works with organizations to evolve strategy and achieve outcomes by improving processes and developing the teams that support them.

Mike Martyn, Manager of Procure to Pay and Grants Receivables, SISU Consulting Group/Shingo Institute

Mike Martyn is the Founder of SISU Consulting Group and a Director Emeritus for the Shingo Institute. Mike has 15 years experience working with Shingo as a Senior Team Leader, Regional Director, member of the Shingo Examiner Committee and most recently, Senior Curriculum Advisor. As a former turnaround specialist, Mike has held numerous senior executive positions, rapidly driving business results in both service and manufacturing environments. Mike is a 2x winner of the Shingo Research Prize and his implementation model (as seen in Own the Gap) is currently being used by more than 300 organizations around the world. 

Jennifer Haury, Director, Performance Excellence, CHI Franciscan Health

Jennifer Haury is the Director of Performance Excellence for CHI Franciscan Health.  She is passionate about helping others learn ways to improve their work.  She has spoken to audiences in healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, and others about how to apply improvement methods and get results.  Her favorite application is in her own home or office—just ask her three children about how they level their chores! 

André Helmstetter, Senior Consultant, Koné Consulting

André Helmstetter, senior lean consultant, has 15+ years of leadership experience in IT quality assurance, project management and facilitation. His expertise includes lean value stream improvement, lean and agile coaching, work visualization and lean business process improvement. He is also a certified agile Scrum Master.

Brian Kerr, Senior Consultant, Koné Consulting

Brian Kerr, senior lean consultant, has 10+ years experience creating web-based applications and products including experience supporting teams in software development through training, developer tools, and product planning and maintenance. Mr. Kerr focuses on collaborative software development and information system creation and design. He has worked in facilitating and coaching teams to reach design consensus.  


Karen DuBose, Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC) Coordinator, Skagit County Department of Public Works


Karen DuBose is Skagit County's Pollution Identification and Correction Coordinator. She has nine years of experience in water quality, pollution source identification, and water resource management in King, Island and Skagit Counties. She has an MS in Water Resource Policy and Management from Oregon State University, and BA in Geography from Western Washington University. In her spare time, she enjoys growing a stellar veggie garden, generally being outdoors, and pretending she knows more about cooking than she actually does.

Stewart Henderson, Principal, Lean Office Innovation

Stew is a Lean Fellow for Results Washington’s Goal 3 (Energy, Environment, and Climate Change), has been supporting innovation in government for over 20 years. Since moving to Olympia in 1999, he has worked at Labor & Industries (L&I) and Employment Security (ESD), and consulted with a wide range of state agencies.
Stew helps leaders and teams honestly face conflicts and challenges; set challenging, important goals; and then exceed those goals by re-thinking their work. A certified Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt, Stew holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MA from the Leadership Institute of Seattle.

Linda Kleingartner, Director, Office of Continuous Improvement, Department of Social and Health Services

Linda Kleingartner: As Director of the Office Continuous Improvement, Linda works with all levels of management to plan, lead, organize and implement best practices in strategic planning and process improvement methodologies that optimize performance and support a continuous improvement culture within the Department.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in the areas of process improvement, performance management and project management.  She has implementing a Lean Practitioner program and the Excellence leader development workshop series using existing talent, resources and experience from within DSHS. The core principles of Lean align very closely with her values in empowering staff to do their best and recognize them as the subject matter experts of the work they do.

Julie Thumser-Kerlee, Continuous Improvement Manager, Department of Social and Health Services

Julie Thumser-Kerlee: As the Continuous Improvement Manager for DSHS, Julie leads Lean and continuous improvement efforts and strategies for the Department including the statewide Lean Practitioner Certification Developmental Job Assignment (DJA) program that certifies staff as DSHS Lean Practitioners and Facilitators.  Before this position, Julie oversaw the development and implementation of continuous process improvement for IT across for the Department and was a Washington State Quality Award Examiner. Julie is passionate about using Lean and continuous improvement to provide excellence in service to the clients we serve.

Adolfo de León, Community Service Office Administrator, Department of Social and Health Services

Adolfo de León - is the Community Service Office Administrator for the Customer Service Contact Center for the Southeast Team in the Department of Social and Health Services.  Adolf began officially implementing Lean in his office in early 2015 but, upon learning the Lean terminology, realized that he had already been practicing Lean thinking for many years.  Adolfo empowers his team to apply Lean throughout the office. They have already completed (2) 5s projects and an A3 or 8-step problem solving event this year. They also have several team idea and Kanban boards. Additionally, his office practices daily huddles.  Adolfo is a DSHS Lean leader.

Becky Nowlin-Baird, Manager, Kaizen Promotion Office, Premera Blue Cross

Becky Nowlin-Baird, manager of the Kaizen Promotion Office and currently oversees and supports the team in facilitating Lean events and education of Lean methods, principles and tools.  She has more than 25 years of experience in business with a particular interest and passion for people development.  She welcomes and embraces every opportunity to encourage and facilitate the successful development of others. 

Her background and experience in organizational development and in instructional design, delivery and facilitation provide a foundation for leading a team to implement a Lean transformation.

Brett Jackson, Workshop Leader, Kaizen Promotion Office, Premera Blue Cross

Consultant and educator in Lean methods, principles and tools. Brett joined the Kaizen Promotion Office in October of 2005 as the first KPO specialist at Premera. Prior to the 9 years of facilitating continuous improvement Brett was a practicing Acupuncturist.  The philosophies and cultural context of East Asian medicine provides a unique background to understand the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy change within an organization.  Brett has worked in manufacturing, clinical, as well as administrative environments.

Brett holds a BA in East Asian Studies from Western Washington University and a MS in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University. 

Gifford Pinchot, Co-founder, Pinchot University

Gifford Pinchot is the author of the NY Times best selling book, Intrapreneuring: Why You Don’t Have to Leave the Corporation to become an Entrepreneur, which has been published in 15 languages. He has helped clients, which include government agencies and half the Fortune 100, to launch over 1000 innovations. He helped create the Forest Service’s Enterprise Team System, which produces 80% more output per employee than traditional agency employees.  He was the founding CEO of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI), which he ran for most of the first 10 years. In June of 2014 Mr. Pinchot stepped down from the presidency of BGI. Mr. Pinchot is now Founder and President Emeritus of Pinchot University, the new name for the school.  This degree program brings environmental impact and social justice into every course.

Fariba Fuller, Lean Specialist, King County

Fariba Fuller has a diverse background including healthcare, architecture and manufacturing.  Experienced in process improvement, implementation, change management, human factors, innovation, and administration she has learned the importance of humble leadership and coaching that curates the positive space in which each person can identify and solve problems more autonomously. 

Lis McNicholl, Organization and Leadership Development, Boeing

Lis McNicholl works as an Organization and Leadership Development coach, harnessing   her experience in IT, Agile, Leadership Development and Lean to foster a productive workplace. Her work stems from a deep passion and belief that everyone has the capacity to create the future they envision. She continues to experiment with simple ways to involve people to unleash their creativity to get results.  Currently she is weaving  Graphic Facilitation, Liberating Structures, Clean Language and Training Within the Industry (TWI) to create practical leadership development.

Phil Castle, Deputy Section Manager, Health Care Authority

Phil Castle is a 22 year Veteran of the United States Army and currently the Deputy Section Manager for Medical Eligibility and Determination Services within the Health Care Authority.  He also oversees the Alien Emergency Medical Program that is supervised by Sarah Gappert (also presenting).  Sarah supervises the AEM team that played a major role in the AEM Lean project. 

Carly Kujath, Strategic Operations Manager, Department of Corrections

Carly Kujath has worked in the Washington Department of Corrections since 2008.  She was the principal designer of Operation Place Safety, a group violence reduction strategy based on the community Ceasefire model and has partnered with research and advocacy groups to improve prison conditions for special populations including the design of Restrictive Housing interventions. As the Strategic Operations Manager, Carly oversees Operation Place Safety in the Department’s high security facilities and continues to work with the criminal justice community in implementing theory-based practices in both prisons and community corrections.

She holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Evergreen State College.

Ellen Matheny, Assistant Director of Operations, Washington Student Achievement Council

Ellen Matheny is the Assistant Director of Operations in the Policy, Planning and Research Division at the Washington Student Achievement Council in Olympia. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Special Education and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering both from Arizona State University. She is the LEAN leader for the division. Her goal is to find simple, inexpensive ways to make work tasks more efficient for her division and the agency.

Steve Sinclair, Assistant Secretary Prisons Division, Department of Corrections

Steve is a 27 year veteran of the Washington State Department of Corrections. In his current role as Assistant Secretary of Prisons he oversees the state’s 12 correctional facilities which house over 16,000 adult male and female felons.  These institutions also employ 5,000 employees and their operating costs represent $897 million of the Department of Corrections’ biennial budget.  Steve has also recently been appointed as Co-Director of the Sustainability in Prisons Project, a partnership with The Evergreen State College.  

Steve is a University of Washington graduate where he received a Master’s of Public Administration.

Steve Crowley, Senior Continuous Improvement Manager, Global Operations, Starbucks

Steve has been a Starbucks Partner (employee) for 15 years. Over the last several years, has led Starbucks’ Lean Innovation Lab to create and improve baseline work processes to improve the Starbucks Experience for baristas in customers and served field leaders in the role of an Improvement Coach. Recently, he has been working to make improvements to the retail management system in support of an overarching operational excellence strategy. He holds a B.S. in Hospitality Administration and an M.B.A. His love for improvement is bested by his love for coffee. His favorite Starbucks beverage is a Venti unsweetened Iced Coffee

Whitney Law, Senior Continuous Improvement Manager, Global Operations, Starbucks

Whitney has been a Starbucks Partner (employee) for 13 years. After 7 years in store operations she joined the Operations Services team and has been actively involved in the development, testing, and training of the service delivery and management work systems for Starbucks stores. Additionally, she served field leaders as an Improvement Coach. Currently, Whitney is leading work to improve the core training experience and enjoys the opportunity to engage in Kaizen with her friends at the Rainier Valley Food Bank.  Whitney’s best Kaizen occurs after an Iced Grande No Classic Green Tea.