Lean contains multitudes: where to begin

Session focus: 

What are the key things to learn about Lean when you're just getting started?

Lean has many associations for people--not all of them good. Is Lean a buzzword, or a way of life? Is it a tool, a system, or a cult? Lean contains multitudes.

Because it is versatile and valuable, Lean has been applied in many industries and has developed a history--which can make its introduction into a new setting difficult.

This is particularly true in government, where the language of Lean may not intuitively translate. Customers, value, respect for people--each of these are complicated by government's unique and important role.

Brian and Craig from Koné Consulting will share their road-tested approach to introducing new groups to Lean in human service agencies. They will provide specific methods for helping people at all level of an organization begin their Lean journey, with examples from work at the county level in several states.

Target Audience: 

Supervisor, Executive


Brian Kerr
Senior Consultant
Koné Consulting

Brian helps health and human service agencies improve the value they create for their customers through identifying and eliminating waste, with respect for people. He has over 10 years of experience designing, building, and supporting web applications and web-based products. Brian's background is in collaborative software development and information science. His expertise includes facilitating continuous improvement events, training and coaching, user experience, interaction design, software accessibility, open-source software platforms, content management systems, and web applications. Brian works with a wide variety of project teams and facilitates and coaches them towards consensus.

Craig Fitzgerald
Senior Consultant
Koné Consulting

Craig has devoted his career to issues impacting families, from child welfare case management in Miami, Florida to violence prevention on the south side of Chicago. For over 10 years his focus has been on improving the lives of children and families, and the organizations that serve them, by building on their strengths to help them achieve their desired outcomes. Most recently, Craig led efforts in the state of Illinois to standardize service delivery across all 85 local offices.