Results reviews

Results reviews are meetings, usually monthly, at which Gov. Jay Inslee and state agency directors discuss objectives, improvement strategies and metrics.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee

Upcoming and recent results reviews:


Goal area




4/26/17 Health Agenda Watch on TVW, starting at 10:30 a.m.
3/29/17 Environment Agenda Watch on TVW
2/22/17 Economy Agenda Watch on TVW
1/25/17 Education Agenda Watch
11/30/16 Health/safety Agenda
Watch on TVW
9/28/2016 Government Agenda Watch on TVW


Environment Agenda Watch on TVW
7/20/2016 Economy Agenda Watch
6/29/2016 Education Agenda Watch on TVW
5/25/2016 Health/safety Agenda Watch
4/27/2016 Environment Agenda



3/30/2016 Government Agenda


2/25/2016 Economy Agenda


Presentation slides

1/27/2016 Education Agenda


Presentation slides

1/8/2016 Environment Agenda


9/30/2015 Health/safety Agenda Watch
7/29/2015 Economy Agenda Watch
7/15/2015 Education Agenda Watch
5/27/2015 Government Agenda Watch
4/29/2015 Health/safety Agenda Watch
4/28/2015 Environment/Energy Agenda Watch
2/25/2015 Economy Agenda Watch
1/28/2015 Education Agenda Watch



Government Agenda Watch
9/24/2014 Health/safety Agenda Watch
9/10/2014 Environment/energy Agenda Dashboard Watch
7/30/2014 Economy Agenda Dashboard Watch
6/24/2014 Education Agenda Dashboard Watch
5/29/2014 Government Agenda Dashboard Watch
4/30/2014 Health/safety Agenda Dashboard Watch
4/14/2014 Environment Agenda Dashboard Watch
2/26/2014 Economy Agenda Dashboard  
1/29/2014 Education Agenda Dashboard  

Each Results review focuses on one of Gov. Inslee's five key goals:

Whenever possible, the meetings are live-streamed and archived by TVW, the state's public-affairs network.



Past GMAP performance reports.